Jeff Bezos, CEO of online shopping giant Amazon, recently tapped record wealth levels, holding more personal wealth than all the speculative capital currently invested in crypto's largest asset — Bitcoin (BTC). 

“Amazon stock shares surged 4.4% to a record $2,878.70 Wednesday, boosting the founder’s world-leading fortune to $171.6 billion,” Bloomberg said in a July 1 article. “That tops his previous high of $167.7 billion, set on Sept. 4, 2018, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.”

Bezos’ deep pockets compared to Bitcoin

At press time, Bitcoin holds a market cap of approximately $166.4 billion, according to Coin360 data, showing the value of all BTC in circulation at the asset’s current price level. 

Bezos’ total net worth outpaces that number, revealing Bitcoin’s relatively small size in comparison to other markets, and even people. For further comparison, gold’s total market cap sat around $8 trillion in May 2020, based on Cointelegraph reporting

Bezos buying all available BTC

Even at his current net worth, Amazon’s billionaire CEO likely could not buy all Bitcoin in circulation. 

Bezos could purchase the available BTC held on exchange order books, Genesis Genesis Mining's head of mining operations, Philip Salter, speculated to Cointelegraph for a previous story. The activity, however, would likely drive up the asset’s price and remove liquidity from the market. Additionally, some people may not be willing to sell their BTC, while some others have lost their Bitcoin over the years, unable to access it. 

Derivatives trader and YouTuber Tone Vays also weighed in with similar thoughts on the matter for a separate article. "He would drive up the price of Bitcoin to the point where he could no longer afford it," Vays said of Bezos back in April.


在线购物巨头亚马逊的首席执行官Jeff Bezos最近创下了财富记录,他个人财富超过了目前投资于比特币(BTC)的所有投机资本。







Genesis Mining挖矿业务负责人Philip Salter推测:Bezos可能会购买交易所订单簿上的比特币。但是,这种行为可能会推高比特币价格,并从市场上消除流动性。此外,一些人可能不愿出售其比特币,而另一些人已经失去了他们的比特币多年,无法使用它。

衍生品交易员和YouTube用户 Tone Vays也在另一篇文章中发表了类似的观点。Vays在四月份谈到Bezos时表示:“他将把比特币的价格推高到他再也买不起的地步。”